Little Plunger Boy

Oh, the drains are gurgling again! Knew I should’ve been a bit more careful when shaving. Oh well…at least I can fix it easily, and it’s not blocked up with something that’s going to start smelling foul.

It takes me back though, gosh. Mother and Father were never treating the drainage system right, and whenever they ordered me to unblock yet another drain, I felt like telling them that this is so avoidable. Their word was law, however. Parents know best! Would’ve been nice to have, say…a plunger. Instead of having to do it with my bare hands, every single time. That’s possibly part of the reason I was so ill a lot of the time, but it’s not like Mother and Father were going to hire a professional to do a drain camera inspection. Melbourne services cost money, you see, as do all things in life. And why spend money, when they could simply put me to good use and get it done for free? It wasn’t always done well, because I couldn’t simply cobble together a high-pressure drain cleaner in my cupboard under the stairs. But I did my best, because I just wanted to help, you know?

So nowadays, you’ve got all sorts of fancy drain cleaning material. Haven’t needed anything more than the old plunger in my place, but I spent an interesting afternoon glancing out the window when they were doing some major sewer repairs in my road. Golly, the equipment they brought with them! If I’d had a few of those tools then I might not have had to spend two nights in a bush after I fell in the septic tank and Mother wouldn’t even allow me in the house until I’d let the pouring rain wash the smell off my while I slept.

Strange times. Nowadays, sewer repair here in Melbourne is as simple as one, two, three…done. And honestly, so are most home problems. Buy a plunger and get over it, you silly people!