Brooklynhide is more than a dining experience. It’s a place to delight in the unexpected.

From food by acclaimed chef Robina Antoine (formerly of Badger Badger) and cocktails by Andrea Delacroix (formerly of Hexagon and Marry Me) to an ever-changing musical roster, every detail of your experience is executed in style. 

Inspired by the bustling metropolis of New York City and its many culinary influences, our menu showcases local ingredients and house made preserves, ferments and breads. At the same time, it’s anything but traditional, drawing on contemporary fusion cuisine to rework cultural icons with a cheeky twist.

Our extensive cocktail list follows a similar tune, shaking up the classics with an extra dash of playful panache. The bar also sports an extensive wine list with an emphasis on rare reds, and a neatly edited craft beer selection.


Weekly events:

Head Start

Thursdays, 9pm til late

Experimental beats, live visuals and late-night karaoke, all served up with dumpling specials and cocktail previews. 

In Sideways

Saturdays, 10pm til late

Greet the weekend with our house band of jazz bandits and our ‘secret’ VJ-controlled LED dancefloor.

Deep Cuts

Saturdays, 10pm til late

Imbibe creamy deep house concoctions from the likes of Choirboy Joe, Rhizome, The Twins, Finnish Horse, Canadian Alibi, Boy Forge, Miss Hannah and Snifter K.

Kick It

Sundays, 3-7pm.

See out the weekend with a live jam session, followed by ice cream cones, beanbags and our chef’s choice of movie projected on the ceiling.


The Story

Brooklynhide was accidentally dreamed up by restaurateur Brooklyn Maxwell-Owens over dinner with friends at a New York hotel. The accident in question involved a spilled glass of merlot, an elk hide rug and a bolt of inspiration out of the blue: to create a dining experience where such accidents are not only accepted, but encouraged.

This might sound like a messy basis for a venue concept, but it’s primal appeal outweighed any sense of propriety Brooklyn might have had. In this space, dining is returned to its rightful position as a vital and vigorous social activity that brings humour and adventure together with nourishment and connection.

The stained rug in question has since been referred to as the Brooklyn Hide. After being purchased from the hotel, it enjoyed a stint gracing the floor of Brooklyn’s office, and now has a new life as upholstery on some of our bar stools.