Basil, cider and grilled chestnut savoury churros – $25

Roasted sprouts with Sicilian pistachio pesto – $27

Blini with chef’s caviar selection and smoked apple – $28


House-cured salmon, fermented walnuts and wild greens on lemon-caper mash- $36

Deconstructed jackfruit reuben with ginger kraut and peanut-plum dressing – $34

Reishi-chestnut dumpling soup with fennel seed scone – $36

Katsu sando with sweet bourbon sauce and horseradish cream – $32

Manhattan chowder with heirloom tomatoes and locally caught seafood – $54


Classic cheesecake with whiskey crumb – $25

Coffee, sage and fig sorbet trio – $23

Affogato with cardamom ice cream and peppercorn biscotti – $24