Maximum Tacit!

I have to say, I really like how children’s movies aren’t just pandering to basic fairy-tales anymore. There’s nothing wrong with being traditional sometimes, princess and prince, all of that; but it’s overdone. Too much. The world has moved on!

That’s why I praise Loco for bringing us something a little different, namely a tacit depiction of mad cow disease and how it affected the Mexican meat trade. And there are songs! It’s almost as good as Frozen, the tacit depiction of a family stuck inside their home because of snowfall who later have to get door replacement done because their previous doors and window frames weren’t quite good enough to handle any sort of extreme weather.

And there are songs! Everyone knows My Window, of course, the catchy tune about a girl who realises that her bedroom window isn’t quite thick enough to keep out the cold, thus deciding to get replacement windows so that they do keep out the cold. She’s all like ‘My window, my window, can’t stop the cold anymore, my window, my windoooowww, also need replacement doors!’

I’m sorry, it’s in my head now, and also yours. It’s that catchy, man. I like how it raises the important implication of what poor insulation can do to the level of comfort in a home, and how insulation is much more than just paying a little extra for thick walls. Windows…that’s what it’s all about. Also doors, but since they’re not made of glass, the insulation is easier. It’s a big old piece of wood. Wood tends to stop the wind pretty well…better than some walls, in fact. 

Speaking of which, Frozen has a slam-bang ending in which the family gets timber window replacement, a valuable lesson is learned by all.

Tacit. SO flipping tacit, it almost hurts.