Unfortunate Walk

I was driving the other day, on my way to the footy, when the worst happened. That’s right: my car broke down. I had just gotten to Malvern, getting mentally prepared to deal with a train filled with people. It’s easier to catch the train than to drive all the way to the city. As I drove past the station I could see the people packed like sardines in a can, and I was just thinking, You know, I really don’t want to catch the train today. And boom. Engine’s gone. I bet the man upstairs had a good laugh at that one. I could have gone to the game, still within walking distance of the station, but I knew I’d have a hell of a time getting home. Instead, I decided that I had to find a car service garage close to Malvern.

Most people would have tried to find the nearest one and called the number provided, but guess what. My bad luck only got worse when my phone went flat. Not wanting to bother anybody by asking for directions, I started walking around. I was going to miss the game anyway, so I had a spare three or four hours, and it was a nice day. Without a map, I wandered around aimlessly, down the main street, reading the names of all the shops. There were plenty of stores, but no mechanics. Eventually, I found myself all the way in Glen Iris.

I had gone too far, I knew. I was yet to find a shop where I could get my car fixed, so I went to the nearest person and asked, “Do you know where I could find the best mechanic in Glen Iris?” He seemed more than happy to help, and pulled out his phone. Soon enough we had found the best reviewed shop around. Unfortunately, it was all the way back in Malvern, just a couple of streets away from my car. Talk about a waste of time! I thanked the man, and headed back to exactly where I had started.