Tattoos to End

It was a few years later that things started to get really bad. Temperatures were swelling during the day and plummeting at night. The sky was perpetually orange, thanks to the bombs that had been set off across the globe. People were getting sick from the radiation and all sorts of monstrosities were making themselves known. Giant cockroaches roamed the streets, hunting anybody who dared step outside.

Humanity’s days were truly numbered.

Lorenzo had accepted that fact long ago. Now he mostly spent time in his city apartment, only venturing down to the lobby to maintain his relationship with the most established tattooist Brisbane had around. He really valued that relationship. It turned out that when people knew humanity would be extinct in a few years, they didn’t have to worry about embarrassing themselves and could be exactly who they wanted to be.

People were even going wild with their tattoo choices. It certainly wasn’t good news for that cover-up tattoo shop around the corner, but at least the general population was making the most of their impending doom.

Life had become a bit of a grind, and in some weird way, Lorenzo was almost looking forward to the end. At least, that’s what he’d told himself until he got a mysterious text from an unknown phone number.

There is hope. Start a new life in New Melbourne. I could use your help. –G

G? Who was G? And why did they need Lorenzo’s help? But still, the message intrigued him. A new life? What did that mean?

With nothing to lose, Lorenzo figured he’d give it a shot. He texted back, asking for more information, only to receive a location instead. The Sideways Hotel, Flagtown.

Flagtown? But that was all the way back in Melbourne.

After thinking about it for a while, Lorenzo decided to have a final roll of the dice. He booked a flight to Melbourne, not sure what future awaited him there – if he survived the journey at all.