Night Vision Glasses

My passion has always been stargazing. Ever since I can remember, the night sky above Bayside has been my personal canvas of dreams. Lately, however, the stars have begun to blur, their once sharp contours softening into indistinguishable points of light. But as my vision deteriorates, I discover a strange and terrifying ability: I start to see visions of the future. Images flash before my eyes – a house on fire, an impending car accident, a child lost and crying on the beach. It’s a thrilling and frightening revelation.

Not knowing what to do, I decide to seek professional help. In the heart of our town, I’ve often passed by a quaint and slightly mysterious clinic. The sign outside reads ‘Behavioural Optometry’. I make a decision and book an appointment at this local clinic. After all, who better to consult about my eyesight than a behavioural optometrist near me?

The optometrist is a gentle soul, his experience evident in the way he thoroughly examines my eyes. He doesn’t scoff when I explain my predicament; instead, he hands me a pair of glasses. The moment I put them on, the world comes into sharp focus. I can’t help but feel a sense of relief. It’s comforting to be able to see clearly again, but more importantly, the glasses seem to filter and focus my visions.

That evening, under the Bayside sky, the visions in the stars become clearer than ever. With my new glasses and newfound control, I set out to change the outcomes of the disturbing future events I witness. In the days that follow, I avert a fire from destroying a house, prevent a disastrous car accident, and guide a lost child back to his family.

As mysteriously as it appeared, the optometry clinic disappears from town, leaving no trace but these visionary glasses. I can only be grateful to that optometrist based near Bayside who helped me turn a curse into a gift. Now, as I look out into the night sky, I know I’ve been given a purpose, and I am ready to face whatever the future holds.