Submarines, Roll Up!

If I was going to be a Trans-Morpher, android incognito, I’d be the submarine. When I was a kid and everyone at my school watched the show, we’d all come in the day after each episode and discuss it. My mates would be all like ‘did you see that fight on the highway with the truck versus the Harley?’ and whatever, and I’d be like “but did you see the part where the submarine guy jumped in the water and saved the day?” and everyone would just look at me.

Yeah, I liked the submarine. I liked how he had his one specific role on the team that no one else could complete. I even liked how about once per episode he would announce his support for stainless steel fabrication. Melbourne and its industry were just taking off then, so I think this may have been some kind of tie-in. He’s now a meme because of how often he said it, but it makes sense! The guy was a submarine, and so the marine welding industry was of great relevance to his life and work, so obviously he was going to talk about it. And just mentioning him is pretty rich, since Trans-Morphers: Androids Incognito was soaked in product placement all over the place. That one girl who turned into a motorbike had “I sure do love the roar of a Harley Davidson!” as her official catch-phrase, so don’t even try to tell me that it was just the submarine. Everyone mentioned their product or related service when they transformed. You just gang up on the submarine guy because he didn’t have any wheels and thus looked pretty silly skidding along the highway with the others like a giant metal snake who ate too much Christmas dinner.

It’s because of him that I have my current passion for the marine welding industry and the many bounties it brings us. Like fish, and cruise ships, and hull extensions, and bait boards galore. And it all began with a submarine fellow who was a vital part of the team, especially when the bad guys went underwater. He saved the day by himself! Like, twice!