Such Illogical Requests

I simply must organise the parking situation. It’s very important.

Goodness, ever since I assumed direct control over this office by impersonating Sandrine, it’s been non-stop people-pleasing. Everyone wants something, and even the new and improved version of Sandrine I have crafted is finding it hard to keep up, especially when people want opposite things. Edward wants there to be an extra two water coolers so that he doesn’t have to walk all the way from the sales department to the reception desk just for water, while Janini wants the water cooler gone from the office entirely because they’re ‘not economical and water comes out of the tap in the kitchen’. How to please both, I wonder…?

Now Calliope has made the strangest request ever heard, at least at a humble office in Ringwood. Automotive mechanics permanently on call, exclusively for our staff? She’s got to be joking. She says it’s because “…our office has more cars than most, so we need a mechanic in case Thomson blocks me in my space again, then breaks down and traps me at work for an extra ninety minutes.”

Admittedly, time is precious to them, so I can see how a readily available mechanic would have solved Calliope’s problem. But we also can’t afford to just have mechanics, exclusively for us, unless everyone wants to contribute to that particular fund.

I feel like in trying to please everyone, I have made them… well, entitled. That’s it! Humans are entitled, and they do not know what’s good for them! Imagine, demanding on-call car servicing. Ringwood mechanics have enough to worry about without trying to figure that one out. 

From now on, I must be more stringent, lay down the rules, keep them in line – both in this office and beyond. My mind is perfectly logical; I know what’s best for all of them. If they refuse to see my way of things, then, well… they are wrong, and they will need correcting.