Anyone Out There?

You’d think responding to one email wouldn’t be so hard. I’ve sown my oats across everyone’s inbox, because I need people from different departments to do a bit of work in designing Casey’s birthday card and custom plant display. You’d think one of them would have responded by now, and you would have thought wrong, since I’ve got nothing.

You’ve got the HR team having a mini-golf tournament and not even trying to hide it, and the accounts team talking way too loudly about the latest episode of Fantasy and how much they all hated it. On one level, I guess it’s a good thing that my emails have about the effect of a mild breeze, because this lot wouldn’t be capable of keeping the surprise under wraps, that’s for sure.

Carolyn on the front desk sent out an email this morning asking if anyone knows any really good mechanics. Caulfield, she claims, has a hoon on the loose, because someone snapped off her wing mirror careening past her parking spot. Of course, everyone hit ‘reply all’ because their own time-wasting means that they don’t see anything wrong with inflicting things like that upon everyone else. Unfortunately for me, it’s opened the floodgates for mechanic recommendations from what seems like every single person in the office who drives. Carolyn must’ve spent the entire day sifting through them, as opposed to her usual activities: filing her nails and checking her reflection in the polished wall behind her desk. How terrible that she had to work hard for once.

People, Casey needs a birthday card design! I know Carolyn needs to get herself to a garage for car services. South Yarra speed demons are a real thing. But I, also, require help. I know you have the time. I see your mini-golf competitions. I disapprove!