Oceanic Heating Services

You could say that things are really ‘heating up’ on this latest episode of Echolocation… ha ha.

Okay, sure – several people nearly died, and not in a nice way. But if they give consent for their whole lives to be on national television, then they have to put up with people on the internet giving them grief for their highs and lows, and mostly their lows. People are even going to see their mid-level experiences, like getting a heater service. Sydney heating professionals actually came to them, right out there in the ocean. Normally, you’d think, heating professionals would cease their services at the shoreline.

In this case, it was brother-sister duo Nikos and Evangelia, who have themselves a nice little two-bedroom sunken vessel-slash-laboratory just on the boundaries of the Great Barrier Reef. They’re researching the teenage years of sea turtles and whether they go through phases similar to human teenagers: wanting to eat loads of jellyfish instead of balancing their diet with healthy algae, hanging out with rough swordfish crowds, getting piercings, etc.

Worthy research, but they need some serious ducted heated services down there because the sunlight doesn’t quite reach them where they are. Without heating, Nikos and Evangelia could pretty soon freeze to death at night, which very nearly happened. A hammerhead shark chewed through their exterior heating duct, causing the place to get really cold, and the two of them had to perform a frantic jazzercise routine to keep themselves warm until the heating repairs professionals could row out, suit up in scuba gear and fix the system in a perilous dive set to action movie music. There was underwater welding and everything, and that’s definitely not the normal heating repairs service.

Wow. I wish the gas ducted heating companies Sydney tends to supply me with were more like that. But then, when my heating needs repairs I just get a bit chilly, so… you know, swings and roundabouts.