Heating and Cooling

Cool The Stadium

I run a large basketball stadium in Melbourne. In Australia, domestic basketball is a yearlong sport, with breaks between seasons only occurring during the school holidays. As the basketball stadium is pretty much a big tin shed, you can imagine how hot it gets in summer. We have heat policies and what not for the …

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Golf Course Heating

I work at a very prestigious golf course in Sydney, Australia. The members of the golf course are some of the most elite members of our society, and have plenty of cash to spend. As a result, we strive to create the most comfortable and luxurious club spaces, whilst fostering competition to keep the members …

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Heat On Tourism

What’s with all the tourists going to Melbourne? Honestly, how are we supposed to keep up with this stuff on the tourist board of Australia if everyone keeps changing their mind about where they want to go? First it was Perth because everyone flocked to see the heating grid. Eventually, that went pear-shaped and now …

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