Puppy’s Personal Heater

I have the cutest little puppy. We just adopted her from the local shelter and she’s only twelve weeks old. She was abandoned, so understandably, she is a bit skittish around people. We’ve found that she really likes to be warm, always searching for the spots under the windows where there’s sun coming in. Yesterday was the first day since we adopted her where we’ve needed to turn on the gas heating. Canberra is a naturally cold part of Australia, but it had been unseasonably warm up until yesterday when the cold front hit. 

Well, my puppy had clearly never been exposed to a heater before and when it turned on she was sniffing it and bouncing around in front of it until she was too tired to move. She then fell quickly asleep in front of the heater, and didn’t move for three whole hours. I felt like a mother who had finally gotten her child to sleep through the night. I was so proud.

Now that I know how much she loves the heater, I’m going to make sure that I don’t skip any gas heating services. Canberra residents, as a rule, don’t really care much for getting regular services on things, but I love my puppy so much that I never want her to go without her trusty heater. I want her to feel as happy and safe in our home as possible, so that one day she will trust us enough to let us keep her warm on our laps.

I’m thinking that today when she inevitably falls asleep in front of the heater again, I might sit near her to ease her into feeling comfortable around me. Being parents to a puppy is definitely hard work, but it will be so worth it when we get that first tiny lick of hello on our cheeks. I can’t wait to watch her grow up.