Puppy Car Service

I’m picking up my brand new puppy tomorrow! I am so excited. I’ve wanted a dog since I was a child, but unfortunately I was never allowed one. When I moved out as a young adult, I moved into an apartment that wasn’t big enough to house a dog. I knew it wouldn’t be fair to adopt one. Last year I finally moved into my first home that has a backyard! The day I moved in was the day I put myself on the border collie puppy waiting list, and tomorrow my dream’s come true.

There’s a lot of work that goes into getting a puppy. There’s the standard things like puppy-proofing your house and garden but then there’s also stuff that needs to be done that you wouldn’t expect. For me, that was ensuring the way I transport my new puppy home is as safe as possible. To ensure the safety of my puppy, I got a car repair. Northcote is the suburb that I live in, so it wasn’t too much of an effort to book in an extra service. For some people this may seem like an overkill, but there’s no way I want my car to break down on the four hour drive home with my puppy. The experience will be stressful enough as it is for the poor baby girl, I wouldn’t want to prolong it for her.

When I had my car in for a service, the mechanic suggested that I get a tyre service. He said it wasn’t urgent, but there was some wear on them that could be an issue in the future. I didn’t hesitate to take him up on the idea. My new puppy is my baby and I will spare no expense in making sure she is as safe as possible.

I cannot wait to bring her home. I am going to update you guys in two days and tell you how it went. I hope she loves me as much as I love her!