New Car Service

My new car is due for its first service in a couple of weeks. This car is extremely special to me, as it’s the first one I’ve bought brand new. My two cars prior to this one have been second or third hand, and whilst I got five or so years out of each, it feels good to finally own my own brand new car. As it’s brand new, it requires a log book service rather than a normal service. 

It’s pretty cool that I can be in control of my car’s maintenance from the very beginning, so that I know it’s being looked after as best as it can be. That’s something that I was always a bit uncomfortable with when purchasing second hand cars. I wasn’t sure if they had been looked after well enough, which obviously impacts me as the next buyer. I was most definitely taking the risk of buying someone else’s problem from them, which is why I’ll make sure that when I sell my new car in ten or so years, the new owner will be confident that I took this car to every service and log book service required.

I’m honestly looking forward to pulling up for my auto repairs. Adelaide mechanics are the best in the business, and the mechanic I’ve chosen is the best of the best. My car is going to be the most efficient and best looked after car in the neighbourhood, and I am so keen for that.

My car will be one of those vehicles that is so well looked after, that passengers still comment on how new the car smells years after I’ve purchased it. I’ll resell it for plenty of money because it’ll be such good quality, and I’ll drive around in style for the years before that. This is fantastic. I should have bought myself a new car years ago.