No More Tarts

I’m SO done with Bling Dem Tarts. I’m not even at the final level, only the final set of levels, and I can’t get past that one where you have to create a delicate water crust tart filled with blueberries and vanilla custard. Those things do not go together!

Every time I fail at this stage of the game, I get that cutscene where Bora gets fired from his high-class patisserie job and has to go back to making sausage rolls in his family’s factory. It’s like being punched in the gut every time I see it.

Stuff this, I’m playing some Over-Botch. When it comes to my glass replacement services, Melbourne (the virtual version) seems to appreciate me, and that makes me feel better about myself. I was doing great before I stopped, and I only stopped because Bling Dem Tarts III came out and I just had to play it. Eleven years in the making, you know… that’s something you jump on fast so you don’t have the whole story spoiled.

Well, the story’s all out in the open, the writing is horrible as per usual, and now I just want to go and do some window replacing before I get penalised for leaving my company in limbo for so long. That’s what would happen to a window replacement company in real life, anyway. You can’t just go on holiday for three months, then come and re-open your business like nothing ever happened! That’d be nice. But it’s not a thing.

I’m still not really sure if this is something I want to turn into a real career, but that’s the beauty of Over-Botch. You can just keep coming back, starting a new career, seeing how you like it and starting a new game if it’s not to your liking. If it ends up that you can buy glass balustrades Melbourne wide, like in the game, you might choose to stick with it. Or you might pick something else. It’s a realistic game, but not so much so that you’re locked into a dead-end job.

Unlike Bling Dem Tarts, which is pretty restrictive to one thing and punishes you hard if you lose.