My Tree Fortress

Well, there’s the rain. Time like this, I wish I could retreat to my tree house and think about life while being close to nature and stuff. The only problem with that is that tree houses are usually terrible. Wooden structures might seem charming and rustic, but I assure you, they are not, because they let the rain in and you have to slap them with a fresh coat of varnish every few months. Bah, who even has time for that!

Nah, I got a better idea: a tree house forged from the finest steel. Why has no one ever thought of this? I’m going to be a pioneer, a pioneer I tell you! I’ve already been researching where to find the very best place to buy steel beams. Melbourne is the steel capital, you know, but that also means that plenty of people are trying to get a piece of the steel pie, and you have to be a discerning customer. You never know; you could buy a steel lintel from a shady back-alley dealer, and boom…giant piece of bronze right in the middle of it. Gasp.

Nah, you have to find a provider of steel fabrication with a bit of a good reputation. Or at the very least, facilities to fabricate steel. I tried the back-alley thing once, and only once. Copper, bronze, just so many unwanted alloys. Nah, you have to pay for quality, but once you get your hands on it like I have, your tree house building can begin! I’m envisioning all sorts, like the place having its own power supply, full heating and cooling, a bed for if I get really tired with the world and want to escape, and maybe…a futon. Just because.

Oh yes! A massively dense piece of metal, fully-wired, sitting up in a tree, rain or shine, hail or thunderstorms. There’s almost nothing that can go wrong in this scenario.

I mean, I’ve got Melbourne’s best structural steel fabricators on the case. All you need is some solid steel, and all your projects will go right.