Dream Vibe

There’s lots of talk going around lately about kitchen design, at least in my circles. It started with Rodney and Hector getting their splashback redone, which was swiftly followed by Jenny having her cupboards refaced. Now Marianne, Camilla and Jacques are all talking about layout changes, benchtop finishes and the latest scoop in kitchen colour schemes. 

Who knew there was so much to talk about on the topic of kitchen makeovers? I have to say, though, it’s got me thinking about what I’d do with mine if money was no object. I’ve realised that it’s mostly down to the light, for me. I’m not talking natural light – I’m a bit of a vampire, so you can keep that. I get more than enough of it as it is. I’m not even overly fussed on overhead lighting; the less of it the better. 

What I’d actually like – and I’m just throwing idea around here – is an eerie red glow emanating from under the bench tops. Sounds a bit wild, I know, but we’re talking about our dream kitchens here, aren’t we? This is not the place to hold to convention for convention’s sake. I’ll also take all-black surfaces, thanks, and a set of sleek, black appliances. Surely there’s a modern kitchen design company local to Melbourne that could pull this together. 

I don’t understand why people go to all the trouble of renovating if they’re just going to opt for a look that’s as boring as it was before. Sure, there’s functionality to consider and all that jazz. Honestly, though, when was the last time Rodney and Hector actually used their stove for anything other than percolating coffee? And does Jenny really need all that storage? I’m just thinking about what, realistically speaking, I’m really going to get a kick out of for years to come.

Look, it’s not like cybergoth interiors about to go out of fashion. It’s hardly a thing to begin with.