Guest Ensuite Renovation

I got promoted! It was a massive promotion as well, on top of an already big promotion last year, which means I have a tonne of disposable income to spend. Last year when I got promoted I built a new house, and to be honest, this year I’m not really sure what to do with my money. I’ve been tossing up ideas the last couple of weeks, and I think I’ve decided to build a fully functional guest house for when we have guests. 

Obviously to be fully functional the guest house will need to have its own living area, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. I’m really looking forward to designing it and more specifically, working closely with a bathroom design service. Melbourne designers are absolutely incredible, and I will be going back to the bathroom designers I used for my house. I truly love the five bathrooms in my house, and even though I don’t use them all, I know they are perfect and could be used at any time. Obviously, I want the same level of luxury for my guests, even though there is only enough room for one bathroom.

In order to fit in a generous living space and kitchen, the bathroom renovation will be treated as an ensuite renovation, rather than a spacious bathroom with a bath and double vanity like inside the main house. I’ve had some initial chats with the bathroom designers and we’ve agreed on what are necessities for the bathroom/ensuite, including a double shower and wall-sized mirror in addition to the obvious things a bathroom needs.

Seeing as the guest house will be about one tenth of the size of the main house, the builders and designers have predicted that the whole thing will take about two months to build. So in two months I’ll have to start planning an extravagant guest-house-warming party. I love having disposable income.