Future Videographer

As a high school student in year 10, I am about to decide which subjects I’d like to do for VCE. This is pretty stressful because it means that I have to pretty much plan my whole life including what I want to study at university and what I want to do after that. This is literally all determined by the decisions I make now. It’s just really stressful. 

I’ve been thinking about what I want to do when I grow up, and I just keep coming up with some sort of video production, for like television or maybe those ads you see on the internet. I think it could be cool. But I also don’t know how to get into a job like that. It’s not like just going to university to be an accountant and then working in a bank. I would have to somehow land a job in a video production company. Within Melbourne, how many of those could there be? I think it might just be too much of a long shot to bother with. 

Being in high school is hard. They’ve put so much pressure on us and I find it really unfair.

I wish that I could do some sort of work experience at a production company so that I could meet people and ask how to get into the industry. I don’t know anyone who does anything like this, and my parents think that it’s not a good idea to pursue a job like this.

I think it’d be really interesting if the place I worked for was also a 2D animation company. It would be great if all of a sudden I could create all these pretty designs and bring them to life. It would be like telling a visual story every single day at work. 

Okay, that’s it. I’ve decided I’m going to choose Media Studies for VCE. Maybe in ten years I’ll write back and tell you all how successful I am as a video editor.