Dreaming Cars

I had the strangest dream the other night. I was dressed in a suit looking like a cast member from Quentin Tarrotcard’s Swamp Dogs. In the dream, I entered a bank and held everyone hostage with a hot dog. That’s right. A hot dog.

There were about thirty-five people in the bank and among those people, John Trevi, Brad Armpit, Scarlett Red, Lady Grandma, and Percy Presley were included. John Trevi was dressed how he was dressed in Saturday Night Fever, except he had a bald head. Brad, Scarlett, Lady Grandma and Percey were all playing a game of chess in the corner. When I held my hot dog gun in the air and told everyone not to move, the dream suddenly cut to me being in the back of the bank filling up my bag with wads of cash.

I swiftly made an exit to my escape car which was being driven by Carrot Top. He weaved in and out of traffic with a manic look in his eye. He looked insane. Suddenly we had driven out of the city and yet he was still revved up like a maniac. I told him to slow down otherwise he’d damage the car. He looked at me and yelled ‘this car doesn’t need a suspension repair’ before slamming his foot yet again on the accelerator. 

For some reason, we were doing all this driving without seatbelts. Which, looking back makes sense because it was a dream. Suddenly in the dream, I started screaming and a seatbelt appeared which I promptly fastened. Finally, he stops the car on the side of the road and begins to tell me a story about the best car mechanic near Underwood. As he was telling me suddenly the bag of cash began to get smaller and smaller until it eventually vanished. Next thing I know the car explodes and I am woken up with a jolt. I found myself sitting upright in my bed with my heart racing and a cold sweat. Bizarre!