Disorganised plumber brother

I finally see what they mean by never doing business with your family. I know someone who runs a small plumbing company. He’s going through a bit of a rough patch as he and his long term girlfriend have recently split and then a week later he was let go by the company he’s been apprenticing for. If he had the same level of disorganisation he’s had for me the last few weeks when he was working for his old boss then I can totally see why he was fired. From what I’ve heard, he turns up to jobs late, brings the wrong tools, sends off the wrong invoices, and sometimes just forgets about a job altogether. This is wrecking my friend’s company’s good reputation. I don’t want his business to fail so I’ve recommended he set up an easy to use job management software for plumbers around Melbourne. I really do hope this will improve his organisational skills because at the moment they are totally dreadful and I cannot see any place taking him on as a plumber. I certainly wouldn’t, which is awkward because we know each other. I’m really hoping for his sake that he uses the job management software.

He’s been using the trade scheduling software for a week now and I am starting to see an improvement in his organisation. He hasn’t missed or been late for a single job, and he’s prepared his tools before he arrives at the site. I’m hoping this is the start of a positive phase for him. He even seems less down in the dumps about his girlfriend and more focused on his work. I guess we’re all different and there’s nothing wrong if some of us rely on diaries or apps to help us stay organised. As long as you find what works best for you to get the job done then that’s what matters.