The Delicious Mural

At my local shops, there is a mural going up! I live in a pretty low-socioeconomic area, definitely not the type of place that people paint gloriously beautiful murals. For example, I’m not surprised when I see new graffiti on the wall but I can’t contain my surprise seeing a colourful and artistic mural go up. What an awesome idea!

I haven’t quite made out what the mural is yet as it’s only in its early stages. But this painter in Melbourne seems to be working day and night to get it done as quickly as possible. Like seriously, yesterday I saw half a smudge that kind of looked like an egg, and this morning when I walked by, the smudge had a yolk! I won’t lie, after my initial surprise, I felt my mouth water a bit. The fried egg’s yolk looked like it would pop and a delicious gooey egg would go all over the plate. I wonder what else is going to go on the mural. Is this painter just obsessed with eggs? I’ll update you all as I find out more.

Wow! The mural is finished! Art and breakfast lovers from all over Melbourne have started coming to our run-down suburb to see the big piece of art. It’s started encouraging people to visit the cafes in the strip. I’m actually teary when I think about it. Because the shop owners are so happy with all the extra attention, they’ve started calling on any and every residential painter in the area to add more to the mural, so that the whole strip is covered in breakfast-themed paintings. They’re offering the painters free breakfast for a month if they take them up on the proposal. 

Until last week, I hadn’t gone out for breakfast in about ten years. But ever since I saw this mural and experienced the hype around breakfast, I’ve gone out to eat twice!