The Tinting Enemy

Honey Tiger: my arch-nemesis. He probably doesn’t know who I am, but as a proud member of the Neighbourhood Augmentation Group (NAG), I was the one who started a petition demanding that next time he performs live in concert, the decibels needs to be restricted to the level of ambient restaurant music. If everyone is very quiet, you can still hear it. More importantly, when he performs this time, glaziers across the city won’t have to work overtime because his songs shatter so many windows.

The office in which I work had only just upgraded to new commercial tinted windows. Melbourne had only just caught onto the trend then, and things were going fine for me. I lived just around the corner from my office, I’d spearheaded the office window tinting initiative, and now we had the swankiest office in town! Also, I was a working mother, thus having my cake and eating it simultaneously. 

Then one street away, Honey Tiger holds his concert, with the music so loud that all the windows in the area are shattered. Or at least cracked. All our beautiful tinted windows are ruined, ruined beyond repair! NAG didn’t exist at the time, but when I realised that there were other mothers like me getting angry over loud music and disturbed naps, we formed NAG to combat such things. Fast-forward a few years, Melbourne’s tinted and decorative window glass is again in peril, and I’m quite happy with how our petition to ban Honey Tiger from exceeding certain decibels is going. 256 signatures so far (online), while Tabitha’s campaign to have musician and DJ ‘Boney Mac’ banned from playing ever. Tabitha needs to learn to pick her battles and her desired outcomes.

What I do, I do for all the hardworking frosted window glass installers Melbourne is lucky enough to be home to. We’ve just had that done in the office, you see – very lovely effect. I’d hate to see it ruined.