Doesn’t Time Fly?

Tempus irreparabile fugit.

I came to work today to find a small note on my desk – on everyone’s desk, actually – and that was what was written on it. I like the mystery, until I googled the translation and was able to put two and two together. It was also made pretty obvious when I turned around, note in hand, and found my boss glaring daggers right at me.

Okay. We do have a bit of a time management problem. And at that morning’s emergency staff meeting, it was announced that time management courses are going to be in our future. 

A whole course, really? I mean, I guess we’ve allowed things to slip a little. There was a leadership shuffle, no one knew what was what for a while, they changed the time that everyone was supposed to come in and a bit of the chaos still remains. People started to push and see what they can get away, and for a while there were no consequences for arriving five, ten, fifteen minutes late…so it stuck. Even after it was mentioned in staff meetings, it stuck, because there was no mass change. And I guess we’ve let it bleed into our work as well, because no one gets anything done on time. Deadlines are out the window.

Yeah, okay, a time management course is sounding like just what the doctor ordered, even if the news was delivered via creepy latin notes left on everyone’s desk who showed up late. Which is most people. I do wonder how you can ‘teach’ something like time management, though… seems like an innate skill. Like, you’ve got it or you don’t. You were blessed with the magical gift of the internal alarm clock that screeches at you until you get something done on time, or you are cursed with the procrastination snooze button of great time wastage. 

I haven’t actually been on any leadership and management courses of any variety, so I shouldn’t judge…yet. Although it’s not like anyone’s time management is going to get any worse.