Doesn’t Time Fly?

Tempus irreparabile fugit. I came to work today to find a small note on my desk – on everyone’s desk, actually – and that was what was written on it. I like the mystery, until I googled the translation and was able to put two and two together. It was also made pretty obvious when …

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Village of the Jammed

Katrina has her mind set on ‘scaling up’, and it’s starting to make me uncomfortable. I mean, we’re a small jam business, not a Silicon Valley startup. It’s great that she’s taking financial growth seriously; I just don’t know if we’re equipped to bring in more people at this point. Where are going to put …

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Banish Your Stress

Bah, stress! I’m always stressed, and do you know how I deal with it? I don’t. It eats away at me night and day, having totally consumed my sanity long ago, hence why I might have tried to create a brain-control machine that would make all people named ‘Dylan’ do my bidding at the flick …

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