Maximal v Minimal

Jeremiah needs to loosen up about our apartment. It’s time for us to take a risk! Open up to some flair… for crying out loud, we’re both in fashion design, so it won’t do for us to have an off the rack, run of the mill, garden variety apartment. What we need is a fabulous party pad that completely departs from the style of the rest of the building. I don’t understand why he’s having such a problem with this, honestly.

To his credit, he has been starting to warm to the idea of a new kitchen. I know he hates that old electric stove, so I’ve been surreptitiously leaving magazines open on articles about custom kitchens. I can see a concept starting to take shape in his mind… fingers crossed it’s not ‘rustic country’. I can’t stand any of that tripe; casual anything is strictly for the birds in my opinion. Why go for cream linen when purple velvet is on the menu? 

This is an ongoing point of tension in our relationship, I tell you. Jeremiah has always been much more ‘minimal’ than me. I’m talking ‘could live in a tiny house’ level minimal, which for me is inconceivable. Even living in an apartment is pushing it, but I can’t stand gardening or over-the-fence conversations, so apartment living is my preference until I can afford an acreage with a live-in groundskeeper.

I tried to start a conversation the other day about Melbourne bathroom designers, hoping that Jeremiah and I might stumble on some common ground. Of course, he started up about Japanese bathrooms and how much he admires their elegance, lightness and simplicity. I’ve never really been into taking baths myself – why lie around in a warm puddle when you could be out and about? So I struggle to understand his admiration for this whole bathing business. 

It’s a start, though. Maybe from here I can talk him around to getting a dual-function hot tub/cold plunge pool for the living room. At least that way it could be a social affair.