Renovation Court Verdict

Judge Twinkle Toes: Ladies and gentlemen, we gather here for the final session of this unprecedented trial. I invite both the defence and the prosecution to present their closing arguments. [The courtroom is thick with anticipation, and the community gathers to witness the verdict in the trial that has shocked the elfin world,] Prosecutor Glitter …

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Urgent Shower Repair

Why is it whenever I’m running late for work, something always goes wrong? Whether there’s an excessive amount of traffic, or I’ve lost my laptop charger or my clothes aren’t out of the dryer, something always happens to go wrong. Today has been the worst mishap of all, and I’ve called in sick to work …

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Maximal v Minimal

Jeremiah needs to loosen up about our apartment. It’s time for us to take a risk! Open up to some flair… for crying out loud, we’re both in fashion design, so it won’t do for us to have an off the rack, run of the mill, garden variety apartment. What we need is a fabulous …

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