Urgent Shower Repair

Why is it whenever I’m running late for work, something always goes wrong? Whether there’s an excessive amount of traffic, or I’ve lost my laptop charger or my clothes aren’t out of the dryer, something always happens to go wrong. Today has been the worst mishap of all, and I’ve called in sick to work because of it. I won’t be getting there today.

I’ve known that I needed a leaking shower repair for a while, but I didn’t think it was too big a deal. I didn’t think that it would mean my shower would stop working altogether. But alas, it has stopped working and I can’t shower before work and therefore I’m not going. 

We have a strict standard of dress and appearance that must be adhered to in our office, and if I turn up to work without a shower, it might be the last time I turn up to work at all. Obviously I can’t take two sick days off in a row, because that’s not how the world works, so I need to get my shower fixed today. I don’t really know who to contact to get the shower fixed, so I’ve opted to call in a team of bathroom designers. Within Melbourne, design standards tend to be pretty high, so I’m hoping they can fix the shower with style or point me in the direction of someone who can. 

This is the first morning I haven’t had a shower in at least five years. I’m not properly awake until I’ve had my shower, and so I don’t think I’ll ever actually wake up today. I feel grotty and groggy and I really don’t want to feel like this again, so I hope these bathroom contractors pull through for me. No one should have to go without having a shower; it’s a basic human right to feel and be clean. Here’s hoping the phone call is a success.