Teeth of horror

I am a huge horror movie buff and I love a good documentary. Thursday nights are always reserved for my brother and I to have a huge viewing session together. A few months ago we watched this horror movie that was based on the true story of some really insane serial killer. I noticed the …

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Dental Story

I’m working on a short story, and I don’t really know where to take it next. I don’t expect that you, dear reader, will have any ideas on where it could go, but I figure that if I talk for about three hundred words maybe some idea will pop into my head. At least, I …

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Neglected Teeth

My teeth are something that I’ve neglected to look after my whole life. I’m extremely embarrassed by them, especially because they are almost completely rotten now at the age of thirty. My parents always told me to brush my teeth. For some reason instead of listening to them and brushing my teeth, I used to …

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