Teeth of horror

I am a huge horror movie buff and I love a good documentary. Thursday nights are always reserved for my brother and I to have a huge viewing session together. A few months ago we watched this horror movie that was based on the true story of some really insane serial killer. I noticed the actor in the film had really grotesque teeth but I assumed that this was something that the make-up department did to add an extra layer of gruesomeness to the character. Often when my brother and I watch these kinds of films we then like to watch the true story to see what did and didn’t match up. To my surprise, the teeth absolutely did match up and it wasn’t just some crafty application of makeup. Since watching this film and seeing the killer’s real teeth, I have become extremely paranoid that my teeth will become like that one day. Now I’m all obsessed with preventative dentistry. I floss my teeth after every meal now and religiously use mouthwash. I’m even booking myself in for regular dentist appointments to stay on top of the condition of my teeth. I’ve tried to convince my brother to start taking more care of his teeth so he doesn’t turn out like the dude in the movie, but he just laughs at me and thinks I’m insane.

Admittedly, I’ve never been one of those people who has needed any fillings so I guess that’s a good sign that I’ve been looking after my teeth. I also attend the most professional dentist in the Cheltenham area so I can have peace of mind that the person tending to my teeth is skilled and trained. As part of my plan to improve the condition of my teeth, I’ve also reduced the consumption of sugary things such as lollies and soft drinks. I know my sudden obsession probably seems a bit full-on but I hope it pays off.