Always Eating

As a father of three kids, something I struggle with is their constant eating. Who knew when you had a kid you actually had to feed them? That’s sarcasm… kind of. But in all seriousness, I had no idea they’d eat this much. I have two sons, seventeen and twelve, and a fourteen year-old daughter. …

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Podiatrists, and Greta

The one saving grace of this new underwater nation is that no one’s really going to have any foot problems. People will be swimming around instead, so they’ll barely touch the ground, probably not even in their domes, which will be full of water too, I’m guessing. Essentially, the only reason people will have domes …

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Hospitals: Healthy?

Hospitals are such weird places. It’s like, they’re ostensibly about health and healthcare, and yet they’re deeply permeated with illness and injury. As soon as you set foot in one, you immediately feel your health points drop – unless, of course, you’re urgently in need of medical treatment that you can receive only in a …

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