Banish Your Stress

Bah, stress! I’m always stressed, and do you know how I deal with it? I don’t. It eats away at me night and day, having totally consumed my sanity long ago, hence why I might have tried to create a brain-control machine that would make all people named ‘Dylan’ do my bidding at the flick …

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Unleash the Lemurs

Lemurs. For real, lemurs. It’s time to face the facts that lemurs don’t belong in captivity; they should be running wild in their natural habitat. And that natural habitat…is an urban jungle. Man, just think about how cool that would be! We set them all free and they become the new magpies, just everywhere at …

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Surfing the Cycles

Winter is… not coming. I mean, it’s mid-Autumn and I’m still getting around in a tank top and board shorts. What’s up with that? I want to say it’s global warming, but deep down I know it’s actually the beach gods repaying me for my dedication to the waves over the years.   The downside, as …

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